It was, right after psychology, her passion. History was wonderful, as much a mystery as the human mind and she loved it. She positively glowed as she looked at every panel and every item, reading all of it even if she knew the information already. “Really? I’ve never seen myself on any position, it was just a possibility.” She was only a little focused on what she said though, busy examining helmets through the glass and wishing she could pick them up and look at them closer.

"It would suit you, is all." Jonathan studied a set of photographs carefully, imagining the thoughts of those men in the trenches. The fear that they must have felt—

If only he could have been there to study it first hand. He moved along the exhibit, paying particular attention to the section concerning chemical warfare. Jonathan made certain to read each shred of information whilst making conversation with Juliet.

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She realized it was rather date-like as well, but opted to deliberately avoid that train of thought in favor of it just being two friends out to see an exhibit and then grab a bite to eat. The expectations were different, she was determined to keep it from suddenly becoming serious for his sake.

Once it was all paid for, she led the way in. The place simply smelled old, it was lovely and she was enthralled with the displays, almost a childlike wonder coming out in her eyes. Aside from that, she remained quite composed. “Almost a shame I didn’t go further with my history degree. I could have been a currator here.” She mused, staring into a glass case.

Juliet seemed to light up as soon as they entered the exhibit. It was as if she was in her element here surrounded by history and knowledge. In truth, Jonathan found it to be rather attractive though he hid a blush in a pamphlet as he studied the first case carefully and began to read every scrap of information. “I could, uh, see that.”

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At once, she looked grateful for the catch, and embarrassed that she’d needed it. A quiet “Thank you” left her, and she gave him a soft smile to say she’d be okay. “They should fix them up. The museum of all things deserves funds.” Another nod and “Thank you” at the door, and she turned to him, “If you’re taking me out to dinner, let me pay for both of us here.”

This was turning into a date.

The realization dawned on him, though he imagined it had become one the moment he offered dinner. “If you wish, Juliet.” Jonathan accepted graciously, that small smile still on his lips. Internally he was wrestling with the same thoughts he’d been embattled with since that night of drunken lovemaking—few times in his life had he felt so conflicted.

Jonathan, guilty as she where daydreaming was concerned, came back to the present only when Juliet was handing him a ticket. 

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"It is so, yes." She smiled, and did her best to seem nonchalant about it. At the entry way to the museum, she slipped on a step, nearly falling because of her heels. A sure sign her head was in the clouds and definitely not focused on watching out for debris on the ground.

It was an instant reaction to reach out and catch Juliet by the elbow to steady her. “Careful.” Jonathan chided softly. She seemed a bit distracted. “They really should put some city funds towards fixing these steps,” He huffed as they approached the door and he held it open for Juliet to enter in front of him.

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"How very true." Locking up the car, she waited for him to catch up before leaving the parking structure and heading down the block. "It’s almost a lovely night to work." She remarked, glancing at the sky. And… was that a desire to hold his hand?

Oh dear, she decided to keep that to herself. “I’m glad I get to spend it with you.”

"Is that, uh, so?" Jonathan stammered a bit in response to the compliment as he walked in step with her towards the museum. "I haven’t heard that very often, I must say."

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"Oh, um, yes if you so desire." She smiled a little, just a touch of nerves. Their promise was still on her mind too, and she knew she would have a hard time keeping it if they kept at it like this.

She kept her attention on the drive, and eventually parked in a generic parking structure just at the other end of the block from the museum. “I hope you don’t mind me skipping a search for parking right at the museum. I didn’t feel like wasting the time just to avoid walking a block.”

"Ah, wonderful." Jonathan mirrored her smile and glanced out of the window towards a balmy Gotham summer night. He looked back Juliet’s way when she parked.

"Not at all. The exercise is far more beneficial than the potential headache."

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"Chlorine gas was no laughing matter either." She smiled. Oh it was nice to be able to talk to someone about this and not just hear ‘uh-huh, yeah’ as the response. "I don’t know what it’s like visiting old friends either, but I’ve always been more than content to visit museums instead."

"Mm." A smirk. "May I, uh, treat you to dinner after the exhibit?" With Juliet, it seemed, Jonathan was keen to tiptoe a line he not often walked—it was dangerous considering their promise.

What did they say? They were made to be broken?

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"Nor can I. History is fascinating, to say the least." It was a short drive at least, and they wouldn’t be in the car for long. Once he was buckled in, she pulled out onto the road. "I personally find the tactics used to be brilliant. The first big war where technology outstripped techniques. People were terrified." There was a faint blush on her cheeks at his comment she was trying to pretend wasn’t there. Harmless or not, she was flattered.

"They should have been. Mustard gas does horrific things to one’s person.” Jonathan said with somewhat of a dark chuckle. “I haven’t been to the museum in some time; it will be visiting an old friend.” A pause. “Not that I know what that is like.”

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You have the entirety of ONE ask to make my muse blush and squirm bad enough to need a cold shower. Go nuts.
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I am so irritated my internet keeps flashing out like every 2-5 minutes

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psychologist and psychiatrist; a lesson in what Jonathan is and is not


For the sake of stream-lining, I have declared my particular interpretation of Jonathan Crane to be a Clinical Psychologist. In some comics he is a psychiatrist, a psychologist in others. I think a lot of it boils down to DC doesn’t really know what they’re talking about when they declare his profession and, additionally, there is a general public confusion over the similarities and differences between professions in the mental health field.

professional psychologist;

From the APA, American Psychological Association:

"Some psychologists do basic research, developing theories and testing them through carefully honed research methods involving observation, experimentation and analysis. Other psychologists apply the discipline’s scientific knowledge to help people, organizations and communities function better.

As psychological research yields new information, whether it’s developing improved interventions to treat depression or studying how humans interact with machines, these findings become part of the discipline’s body of knowledge and are applied in work with patients and clients, in schools, in corporate settings, within the judicial system, even in professional sports.

Psychology is a doctorate-level profession.”


"A physician who specialized in prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of mental illness. A psychiatrist must receive additional training and serve a supervised residency in his or her specialty. He or she may also have additional training in a psychiatric specialty, such as child psychiatry or neuropsychiatry. Psychiatrists can prescribe medication, which psychologists cannot do."

why clinical psychology?

Simply, it fits Jonathan’s personality far better. He falls into the category of psychologist that is focused on research, experimentation, and analysis. Because of his general distaste for other people, it simply does not make sense for him to be in a mental health profession with a focus on helping people. Instead he chose one that gives him understanding and insight to the people and world around him that he in turn can use to create distance between himself and the world as a defense. Because a the clinical psychologist profession has the potential to be the least engaged with clients, it makes sense for Jonathan instead of psychiatry which involves sessions with clients to diagnose and treat mental health disorders and illnesses.

If you refer to him as a psychiatrist, he will always correct you.

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Bromley House Library, Nottingham, UK.


Bromley House Library, Nottingham, UK.

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